Ciao belli. While Italian-born, life guided me to settle on the island of Ibiza since 2003, where my passion for photography initially awakened and where it is still growing every day. Through my lens, I capture the wonderful world of Ibiza and also try to visually express our idea of Ibiza Vegana, creating the concept’s voice and image. Teamwork feeds the soul of Ibiza Vegana: While An tells its story with words, I speak through photography – together transforming this concept into an experience to share.

For my creations, Ibiza provides the perfect stage and its inhabitants the perfect characters to represent physically my love for Ibiza’s story and nature. In photography everything is important, but capturing the idea is crucial: because everything Рshape, colour, composition Рwill eventually fade away and be forgotten, but not how the moment made you feel. And that is my true wish, creating a transformation through which everyone leaves just a little bit different from the way in which they arrived.