The idea of Ibiza Vegana was born about a year ago, while Lorenzo was working and I needed a purpose for life while visiting him (funnily enough, the website was born a little bit later, while he needed a purpose for life while visiting me). As you can see from the drastic change in quality of the pictures shared on our Instagram since October 2019, I am not allowed to touch the visual side of things anymore…

The project is continuously taking shape, and while only the future will tell how exactly it will develop, it started as a shared interest: sharing the vegan way of life and embracing radical empathy. Through the Instagram page, we want to show where in Ibiza you can find tasty plant-based options, to help vegan and vegan-friendly businesses, events or networks. Ultimately, Ibiza Vegana is about spreading awareness of and building a community around a compassionate way of life, showing another side of the island.

This does not stop at adopting a plant-based diet but comprises a whole spectrum of interrelated causes – a true compassionate life style is more than not eating or causing suffering to animals. Our philosophy is based on the ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ premise, in all areas of life. This is the only viable way forward for the sustainability of our planet: it is small as creating as little waste as possible, avoiding single use items, and supporting local and organic options and as big as promoting physical and mental health, fighting climate change, patriarchy, sexism, racism, capitalism and consumerism – it requires a whole system change. If the system does not work, change it.

What then, can Ibiza Vegana do for you? Basically, anything. While we are still discovering our identity, we are happy to advice, help or collaborate with you on any of the following topics:

  • Professional pictures for your event, business or organization;
  • Developing a concept and story for your event, business or organization:
  • Publishing a food review on our blog, social media or elsewhere;
  • Alternative tourism on the island;
  • Promoting events related to sustainability, veganism, equality or similar;
  • Providing you with a space on our blog to write;
  • and many others…

You are more than welcome to contact us at or via our Instagram page.