Hola all, and welcome! this is me, the good, the bad and everything in between: I love all things communication, connection and compassion - and of course veganism and Ibiza. Radical empathy, genuine conversations, honesty and openness are like the air that I breathe, the cause and consequence of my existence (to say it with some Big Words) - they are the why for being who I am, eating what I eat and doing what I do.

While constant questioning lies in in my nature, I've been going through some crippling anxiety and depressive moods lately, which have forced me to stand still and led me to start questioning even further the way I live my life. Writing is a tool which helps me in the process of 'un-learning' some toxic conditioning and tricky habits of my mind. I want to take you with me on this journey and hope that some words or insights might resonate and be helpful in your own journey - because Ibiza Vegana is about more than plant-based food, it’s about starting conversations on things that matter; mental health, sustainability, equality and more. I started writing a long time ago on my other blog, and will continue the process here.

In a parallel life, I am a human rights lawyer at the United Nations Human Rights Office, working on women’s rights and gender equality. I am originally from Belgium and currently live in Geneva, Switzerland.