On an early Thursday morning, I was lucky to accompany Lorenzo and our friend Giada to Yenuina, based in San Antonio. While they were busy talking food photography and strategy, my (extremely important) role was: eating all the food that had been prepared to take pictures of. Yes, my life is hard.

The trademark of Yenuina, ‘the laboratory of pasta’, is its homemade pasta in all shapes and sizes, being prepared in front of you. Truly, I have not eaten better pasta. Freshly made, the taste and structure are exquisite, and it does not contain eggs.

I tried a bit of everything that was vegan – I absolutely loved the panelle, made from chickpea flour, with pesto sauce, and their pasta pomodore, simple but delicious. We also tried a variety of hummus, breads and salads, which were all so appetizing that, even when full, we couldn’t stop eating.

While we were there, we got to meet everyone involved in the restaurant – from staff to owners, and even some family members, young and old, who dropped by. All this makes the experience at the restaurant feel very genuine and wholesome. To me, Yenuina is this: a combination of family, love for food and Italian tradition.

text : An Cuypers

photos: Lorenzo Melissari

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