Today, I only want to remind you of this simple truth: you are not alone. I know –trust me – that whatever you are going through, be it related to loss, health, family, finances or other, the experience feels gruelly lonesome. When I, myself, am in the depths of an anxiety attack, and while it doesn’t provide a magic cure, it soothes some part of my brain to know that I am not the first nor the last person who is going through this experience.

My mental health has taken a huge hit in the last couple of months. In finding the path back to myself, I hope that this message and discussions to follow will resonate with and support others, since, in the end: we are not alone.

Whenever you feel like it our need it, feel free to reach out to us –because also this is veganism, being there for ourselves and each other. ♥️

text : An Cuypers

photos: Lorenzo Melissari

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